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Optical Clean of projectors

Optical Cleans

what is an optical clean:

An optical clean is where the projector is completely stripped down to remove any dust and residue from the internal components and glass. In the picture below which was a 3 year old projector it just shows how much dust can build up on the different parts, this is just one of the fans and the that was the amount of dust that was removed from it by only tapping it off the desk

View of excess dust

These are just a small example of the amount of dust that builds up inside the projector, this causes a lot of problems like over heating which leads to thermal trips and also makes the fan run faster and louder than they need to as they need to work harder to try keep the unit cool.

Once we completely take the unit apart we use an air compressor to remove all the dust inside the unit and we remove all the optics and give them a clean. In the Image below is a projector that is in need of a optical clean you can notice the pink blotches, that is the sign it is due a optical clean. Projector In need of optical clean

Here is the same projector and bulb once the clean has been completed After optical clean

As you can see the image looks a lot more sharper and cleaner. If you would like to book us to carry out an optical clean or are unsure if this is what you need then please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to assist you here
or you can use our Helpdesk to log a ticket by clicking here