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Optical Clean of projectors

What is an optical clean? This is where we completely take the projector apart to clean all the dust that has built up internally and has also got in around the optics of the projector. Even though the outside of the projector may look clean the inside can often be very clogged up with dust like in picture below
Excess dust on projector fan
This is only one of the fans in an Sanyo XE-45 projector and that is the amount of dust that came out from giving it a tap off the desk. Having projectors that are this clogged up with dust dose not only shorten the lifespan of it but it also makes the fans run at a higher speed as they have to work harder to keep the projector cool adding to the noise level. If you want a better explanation plus before and after picture Please click here

Apps For Primary Schools

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Webwise apps

Projector care

1) Cleaning Filters once a month.

This is more an issue with the older type projectors eg. xe30,xe-31 xe-40 as the filters were a lot smaller. On the new PRM-30 projector it has a 3000hr filter(although it dose no harm to clean it once every 6 months)

2) Powering down.

This is crucial to the lifespan of the bulb, I have seen some people just flick the socket off at the wall to turn off projectors. This will result in a blowing the bulb. Once you use the remote to power down, you will notice the fans are working away for about 2-3 minutes. This is the cooling down period for the unit and especially the bulb.

3) Summer time.

During the summer and other long breaks or if there are building works going on, we recommend placing a black bin bag around all the projector. This prevents a build up of dust on top of the projector which usually results is a large number of call outs in september for projectors that will not start, as once the projector was turned on it sucked in a large amount of dust or dirt and resulted in a thermal trip. This is a safety switch built into all projectors which once the projector goes over a certain temperature it will trip. 

4) Should I switch off projectors at break time.

In short no, Anything under 1.5 hours it is better to leave it turned on, as turning it on and off is when the bulb is put under most pressure so we think it is best to leave it on during this period.

5) Getting electrical works done.

If you a getting electrical works done in the school we recommend unplugging the systems from the wall (both projectors and boards) as if there is works going on and electricity getting switched on and off this can result in a surge will can result in the projector/board been damaged so badly that they will not be repairable.


6) Want to avoid the most of above, Then talk to us about a maintenace contact :-)